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Book Review – Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery

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I’m not a person who can travel back in time. If I could, I’d go back and write some posts for the past three months. I was sick for a month and then playing catch-up for two months. Now it’s August and I’ve no new posts here since April. Ugh, as they say on Trollhalla.

But now I’m back and I have a brief book review for you. While I was sick, I managed to read Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery by Monique Martin and I enjoyed it immensely. I mention some specifics from the book in the following review which some might consider spoilers. I don’t give away any big items in my opinion, but if you don’t want to know any details of the story until you’ve read it, don’t read below this paragraph. Just know that I give this book 5 stars and my highest recommendation. Read it if you enjoy time travel tales, historical fiction or paranormal romances, but especially if you like all three genres.

Simon Cross is a slender but not lanky professor of the occult. Elizabeth West is Simon’s beautiful teaching assistant, twenty years younger than he. They both have feelings about the other, but don’t act on them. Simon has a premonition that Elizabeth is going to die, but there’s not much he can do about it.  They live their lives, helping students learn about the occult as best they can. They probably could have continued like this until Elizabeth graduated and went elsewhere to seek out her own career. But something happens, as it usually does in novels, and the two are thrown back in time to 1929.

When they discover they’re in 1929 and can’t go back to their own time right away, they have to adjust quickly. They need clothes to match the period, they need shelter and food. For these things, they need to earn, find or steal money. So they get jobs in 1929. They pretend to be married for appearance’s sake and to prevent other men from hitting on Elizabeth. If they’re married, they ought to share a room, right? You can see where this might lead.

The first half of the novel after the first couple of chapters reads much like historical fiction set in the late 1920s. But then something else happens, and the story turns 90 degrees into the occult and paranormal realm. There might be a vampire that shows up. I don’t want to say too much about the last half of the novel, because that’s where the plot gets thick. Suffice it to say that Simon fears for Elizabeth’s life due to the premonition he’d had before they were flung back in time. So not only does he need to ensure her safety, even when she doesn’t exactly make it easy for him, but he also needs to make sure that when the right time comes, they are ready to catch the time travel train back to the life they led as professor and teaching assistant.

The story is expertly written and edited. The pace was a bit slow for me in places in the first half of the novel, but that’s because I’m not as interested in historical fiction as I am in time travel tales and paranormal romances. The story ending was worth the occasional slow patch for me. It could be worth it for you too.


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