I am Emilah Thicke. I like time travel fiction and am working on a time travel novel. An early version of my story, You Died on Tuesday, was almost published as a novella in 2009. It was accepted for an anthology, but the publisher went out of business before the anthology was published. I didn’t cry. Much.

Well, more ideas came to me about the story after that, and I thought maybe I’d turn the novella into a novel. Can’t believe it’s been four years already. I’m going to try to publish this year. 2013. Even if I have to jump back to this year from the future. Hold me to it.

Okay, to be honest, Emilah Thicke is my pen name. Some of the people in my life might not approve of everything I plan to write, so it’s best if I hide behind this pen name, at least for now. No pictures of my true girlish figure, deep blue eyes or curvy blonde hair for now either. But here’s a rendered image to give you an idea about me.

Emilah Thicke


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  1. Nice to find another time travel buff. Check out my blog on time travel stories I have enjoyed: http://norberthaupt.com/category/time-travel . Unfortunately, I am not a writer myself. Good luck to you.

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