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Self Assessment: I’m not a Sociopath

I took this Sociopath test at I flunked it, which is to say that it told me I was a sociopath. I can’t accept that label. Sure, I have antisocial tendencies, brought about by a string of misfortunes starting from pretty much the day I was born until now. But I have morals, and as I understand it, sociopaths don’t.

Granted, I lie a good deal. The circumstances of my life have required it. My real name is not Emilah. I can’t reveal my real name, and for a good reason that I can’t tell anyone. I can’t post an actual picture of myself. I know other people who don’t like posting pictures of themselves, and they don’t have the same reason for it that I do. It doesn’t mean we are all sociopaths.

I admit that I’m not a social person. I don’t make friends easily, and I understand why. I’ve never been in love, not really, and I don’t expect to ever be deeply involved romantically with anyone, male or female. I have difficulty even thinking of men in that way, for myself. I understand that a lot of people are heterosexual, and if it’s right for them, I have no problem with them behaving in ways that I don’t want to.

I’m often impulsive. With the way my life has gone, I obviously exercise poor judgment in many matters. I’m more logical than emotional, mostly because I’ve been hurt too much to let my emotions have sway. That’s not to say my logic is always correct, obviously.

Is all that enough to label me as a sociopath?

If I were a sociopath, would I care about being labeled one?

Seriously, I wouldn’t knowingly hurt anyone.

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You know, because apparently I need friends.

And today is my birthday. Yes, I know you have no reason to believe me, especially since today is April Fools Day and I’ve already admitted to being a liar. Whatever.



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